Wednesday, February 17, 2010

designer resource list

If you are in need of a service that can provide you with a specialized GUI there are several fine artists that are able to help you develop this for your audio and music software. Here is a list of some of these fine designers/artists:

TSV designs Offers high quality professional services including GUI’s for virtual instruments, 3D rendering and animation, package artwork design. Please view the portfolio on the webpage to see the impressive work this person does.

designermonkey aka Grymmjack offer high quality professional services. This man needs no introduction on KVR. Very impressive work for Leslie Sanford. One my fav designers.

Decoder Designs this is some excellent stuff. I am sure Protools users will find some of these designs familiar!

M.D.R (Martin Rodensjo designs) high quality professional service. Creates applications that look and feel natural, easy and intuitive, yet beutiful to look at. Martin can create the whole user interface or parts of it including graphic elements and backgrounds. It took me some time to realize this is the man responisble for Cakewalk's Vc-64 GUI. Truely inspiring.
email: mailto:martin@rodensjo%20dot%20se relplace the dot with .

Limeflavor = quality graphics! Although he prefer to work with free and low-cost instruments so that he doesn’t have to charge for his work, this is hobby for him, it is not difficult to determine from the work that you will find posted throughout KVR for VSTs such as Oatmeal, Atlantis, and Charsiesis that he is very capable at creating strong and visually appealing GUI’s. Limeflavor has creative style and good eye at his hobby!

Corti designworks another fine addition to this list. Offers professional services such as web design, logo design, user interfaces and much more!

Musicworks What can I say, these are some of the best looking designs I've seen, on scale of 1-10 its an easy 10.

Bigplant certainly has great work but the webpage does not appear to be working at this time.

Satyatunes Recent GUI developer. Blog page includes gui's for Blue Cat audio and others are coming soon.